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NEW ! - Accu-Gold is the next generation X-ray measurement system at the heart of which is a compact Multi-Function Digitizer Module and Powerful Intuitive Software.
CHOICE OF SENSORS - Use the latest technology in Solid State Sensors, Gold Standard Ion Chamber Sensors, mA and Light sensors.
ECONOMICAL AND VERATILE- Accu-Gold transforms your computer into a compact, cost effective, and multi function X-ray analyzer.
HIGH PRODUCTIVITY - Accu-Gold has features to increase your productivity such as: quick setup, ease of use, automatic settings and multiple parameter data capture, unique remote operation, easy data analysis, and instant data recall.
DESIGNED FOR EXPANSION - With an Auxillary sensor input and customizable software, you have the capability to expand to meet future needs.
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Radcal  ACCU-PRO

INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY - Easy use, quick setup, convenient portability-all in one compact system.

VERSATILITY AND ACCURACY - Basic and advanced measurement functions for Critical Acceptance Testing and QA consistency tests, including scatter and FDA leakage requirement tests.

EXTENSIVE SENSOR SELECTION - Gold Standard ACCU-Dose Ion Chambers, (independent of beam quality), Compact Dose Diodes, ACCU-kV kV sensors and Invasive/Non-invasive mA/mAs sensors, for all your measurement needs.

NEW ! - CT dose ion chamber sensor recommended by AAPM Report 111 for use with modern wide beam helical CT scanners. With our kVp mammography sensor calibrate Hologic Selenia W-Rh, Ag tube kVp's. For Gold Standard mammography dose measurements with all anode - filter tube combinations, current and future, use our 10X6-6M ion chamber.
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AUTO DATA CAPTURE - Rapidose is a significant new advancement in the way x-ray measurements are made. For every exposure, a wealth of organized data is captured which can all be viewed instantly without scrolling.

EASY DATA ANALYSIS - At the end of a measurement session, easily save all automatically recorded measurement values and waveforms for future analysis.

YOUR CHOICE OF DISPLAY - Use the complete Rapidose compact display system with its touch screen UMPC display or your laptop to view all measurement results.

REMOTE OPERATION - Magnify the display to Big View and view the results across the room or through a control room window.

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Radcal Products

Health Technology Consultancy is proud to represent Radcal in Australia. Radcal is the industry leader in the design and manufacture of affordable radiation measuring systems for dose and non-invasive kV including the comprehensive ACCU-PRO multi-purpose X-ray analyzer for simultaneous measurement of dose, dose rate, kV, exposure time, HVL, mA, mAs, filtration, and more.

Click on the link below to view the range of equipment or contact our RADCAL specialist team members by telephone, 1300 723225 or email

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